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Only 3? ISA14 papers using NFRJ

Do we have only three papers using {NFRJ} datasets in the 18th World Congress of Sociology {ISA14} in Yokohama 2014-07?

7/16(Wed) 16:45 The Study of Changes in Filial Norms Concerning Parent Support in Japan: Using NFRJ08 Panel Survey Data, by KIM Jung-Nim. Data: {NFRJ-08Panel}
7/17(Thu) 17:30 The Effects of Child Birth on Marital Satisfaction in Contemporary Japan: Childbirth and Marital Satisfaction in Japan, by MIWA Satoshi + TOMABECHI Natsuho. Data: {NFRJ-08Panel}
7/19(Sat) 08:49 Female Employment and the Socioeconomic and Family Factors in Japan, by INUI Junko. Data: {NFRJ-08Panel}

Though the following paper by KATO Akihiko may use NFRJ (S01?) data, it has no data description in the title and the abstract:

7/14(Mon) 18:10 Strong Family Ties and Demographic Behavior in Japan, by KATO Akihiko. Data: Unspecified

For other large-scale repeated surveys in Japan, three papers use {SSM} surveys and seven papers use {JGSS}.

2014年7月に横浜で開催の世界社会学会議 {ISA14}、「全国家族調査」{NFRJ} データを使った論文は上記3本 (+1本) 以外になさそう。
ちなみに、{SSM} 調査は 3つの論文 で、{JGSS} は 7つの論文 で使われている模様。

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