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Starting my personal blog on FC2

After I checked a number of blog services, I choose FC2 Blog as the platform for my personal blog. The FC2 Blog service has three advantages relevant to my purpose:

  • Pretty authoring interface for mobile phones
  • Interface for readers allowing bilingual contexts
  • High degree of freedom to customize template HTML and style sheets

I use the template and style as simple and lite as possible, for stress-free browsing through narrow-band network or powerless devices. Contents are mixture of Japanese and English, with a template basically English for full browsers and basically Japanese for mobile phones. I usually write articles on mobile phones and post it via so-called "moblog" interface.

On the other hand, FC2 blog has some defects as a free service:

  • No technical support
  • Forced insertion of advertisements in articles

The last defect could be solved by making a claim to FC2 that this blog is on educational purpose, as FC2 provides. But I have not yet tried it.

(Postscript added 2011-09-02 21:33)

Unfortunately, the mobile authoring interface is not fully compatible with the English display mode. Readers of this blog will sometimes encounter Japanese messages, such as error alerts upon comment submission.

(2012-01-06 22:48)

I asked FC2 for exemption from advertisement insertion. It seems accepted. Advertisements have disappeared.

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