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This blog includes Tanaka Sigeto's daily updates and offers a space for discussion on sociological research and university education. Contents are in Japanese or English. Comments and trackbacks are welcome for each article. You can send a message to me as a comment to this entry (Check the "Secret" box below the comment form, if you want to make the message confidential). Otherwise, see the article "Activities elsewhere" for various ways to contact me.

It also carries announcement about Tanaka's classes. Follow the articles classified in the "School" category to see the announcements.

(2011-09-02 released.)

Moved to (2014-05-28)

The blog "Derivazioni" moved to The old domain is still exist. Accesses to the old URL of each article, category page, and RSS feed is redirected to the new location.

Structure of this blog


Each article is a member of one of the following categories:
  • School: announcements on Tanaka's classes and university = 田中が関係している大学と授業に関する告知
    • School/**** : Subcategory for each class = 個々の授業に関する告知
  • Research: information on research = 研究関連情報
  • Education: information on education = 教育一般に関する情報
  • Profile: Tanaka's profile = 田中の職業的/属人的情報
  • WWW: information on the Internet (including this blog) = インターネット関連情報 (このブログに関する情報をふくむ)
  • News: miscellaneous information = その他のさまざまな情報

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Starting my personal blog on FC2

After I checked a number of blog services, I choose FC2 Blog as the platform for my personal blog. The FC2 Blog service has three advantages relevant to my purpose:

  • Pretty authoring interface for mobile phones
  • Interface for readers allowing bilingual contexts
  • High degree of freedom to customize template HTML and style sheets

I use the template and style as simple and lite as possible, for stress-free browsing through narrow-band network or powerless devices. Contents are mixture of Japanese and English, with a template basically English for full browsers and basically Japanese for mobile phones. I usually write articles on mobile phones and post it via so-called "moblog" interface.

On the other hand, FC2 blog has some defects as a free service:

  • No technical support
  • Forced insertion of advertisements in articles

The last defect could be solved by making a claim to FC2 that this blog is on educational purpose, as FC2 provides. But I have not yet tried it.

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