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This blog includes Tanaka Sigeto's daily updates and offers a space for discussion on sociological research and university education. Contents are in Japanese or English. Comments and trackbacks are welcome for each article. You can send a message to me as a comment to this entry (Check the "Secret" box below the comment form, if you want to make the message confidential). Otherwise, see the article "Activities elsewhere" for various ways to contact me.

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(2011-09-02 released.)

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Locating Family in the Gender Equality Politics: A Focus on Economic Situation after Divorce in Japan (Symposium "The Impact of the Humanities and Social Sciences: Discussing Germany and Japan" in Tokyo) 2017-11-14

Date: 2017-11-14 (Tuesday) 15:15-17:00
Place: German Cultural Center

Slides: [2017-11-13]
Handout: [2017-11-13]

Author: TANAKA Sigeto (Tohoku University)
Title: Locating Family in the Gender Equality Politics: A Focus on Economic Situation after Divorce in Japan

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Science as a Vital Point of Democracy: Lessons from the 'Egg Aging' Panic in 2010s Japan

Title: Science as a vital point of democracy: lessons from the 'egg aging' panic in 2010s Japan

Author: Tanaka Sigeto (Tohoku University)


Scientific research uses highly complex theory and technical methodology, which can be difficult for non-professionals to understand. Thus, if professionals make an unscientific policy recommendation using fake evidence, it will be difficult for the public to screen such an inauthentic proposal.

This happened in 2010s Japan. Obstetricians and gynecologists created data to show how rapidly women's fecundity decreases along with their increasing age by fabricating, falsifying, and cherry-picking results from studies of biology, medicine, demography, and psychology. Based on those questionable data, they and their organizations carried on a campaign for early marriage and childbearing. The campaign aroused public attention and influenced the government to introduce a new pronatalist policy in March 2015 that aimed at early marriage. Although there are many defects in the data that served as evidence for the policy, these defects had not been properly scrutinized at that time. In August 2015, a newspaper first reported faulty data on women's fecundity, which was being used in a high school textbook to encourage early pregnancy. Criticism subsequently grew, leading to the discovery of many questionable data used during the campaign. However, it was too late to challenge the hegemony of the discourse already established.

This scandal yields lessons in the importance of protecting democracy against fake science. This paper addresses two topics. First, we need a system that allows non-professionals to review scientific literature to conduct fact-checks of the evidence presented by professionals. Second, our review system should be ready for real-time checking of newly emerging discourses. My observation of the scandal carries suggestions about a concrete case of fake science and how we can rebuff it. (See for details.)

Keywords: Fertility; State, family and population; Gender

Conference: International Sociological Association (ISA), RC06/RC41 Joint Conference: Changing Demography / Changing Families (May 2018, Singapore)

Status: Before the abstract submission

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【休講】 (10/20) 「研究法入門」(金2)

10月20日(金) 現代日本論基礎講読 「研究法入門」
担当者の体調不良のため、休講 とします。

当日予定していた課題 (速読) は、次週におこないます。資料 (各自が選んだ本の目次・奥付等コピー) は次週持ってきてください。

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現代日本論基礎講読「研究法入門」(金2) 2017年度後期

東北大学文学部 2017年度 (後期) 2年生対象 (時間割コード=LB45205)
<金2>観察室 (文学部・法学部合同棟 2F)

授業公式 URI:
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◆授業科目: 現代日本論基礎講読
◆講義題目: 研究法入門
◆担当教員: 田中重人 (東北大学文学部准教授)

◆到達目標: 知的生産に必要な資料収集、読解、アイデア創出、論理的思考、批判、討論の技術を身につける。
◇教科書・参考書:【教科書】佐藤望ほか (2012)『アカデミック・スキルズ: 大学生のための知的技法入門』(第2版) 慶應義塾大学出版会.

東北大学グローバルリーダー (TGL) 育成プログラム 指定科目

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